Ladies Day Fund, Inc. is composed of both active and retired Delta Flight Attendants who are dedicated to supporting FAs battling serious illness, as well as performing other charitable acts of kindness. This charity is run by volunteers---no one takes a salary---and all proceeds, other than operating expenses, go directly to those in need. This idea was the brainchild of retired MSY FA Carole Lovelace. It came about in 1998 when the first New Orleans Boat Party was put together for a colleague whose cancer treatment bills were too much to handle. All proceeds from that event---$5,000---went to that ATL based FA living in the New Orleans area. After the phenomenal success of the first fundraiser, the New Orleans FAs decided to make it an annual event. You may be interested to know that since this organization was established, each year the proceeds have topped the ones from the previous year.

Since 1998, the Ladies Day Board is proud to say they have raised and distributed almost half a million in aid to their fellow FAs. Their generosity has touched FAs in 14 of Delta’s 15 previous bases. And not only have these FAs been helped financially, but just knowing that people cared about them also raised their spirits. In fact, many beautiful letters have been sent to the Ladies Day organization expressing how thankful they are for the group’s loving generosity and support. Since the beginning, FAs, parents, spouses, significant others, and friends have been very generous. They have helped in many ways, for example, by buying and selling raffle tickets, preparing the party buffet, making cash donations, donating prizes for the fundraisers, and volunteering to help when called upon. Without such caring and unselfish people, this organization would not have achieved the tremendous success it has had over the years.

Delta pilots have also played a part in this success story by purchasing raffle tickets, making cash donations, and donating prizes for the raffle. For instance, a former MSY based pilot, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent a donation of $5,000 to the fund in 2000 to show his appreciation for all the wonderful FAs he had worked with throughout his career!

Since its inception, Ladies Day Fund has continued to grow and evolve. For example:

  • It has attained 501(c)(3) status, which means all donations are tax deductible.
  • The Board of Directors oversees the distribution of all funds.
  • The amount of each financial gift varies according to the needs of the individual.